The 16th International Conference
of the Japan Economic Policy Association

The Main Theme

" Deregulation and Stable Growth Policy
to Overcome the Deceleration of the World Economy

Plenary Session 1: Energy Reform and Economic Growth Policy
Guest Speakers:
"The European Energy Market Liberalization: remaining challenges and new opportunities" [DL]
Guido PEPERMANS, Professor, KU Leuven, Belgium
"Energy Reform in Japan for Economic Growth" [DL]
Hisao KIBUNE, Professor, Nagoya Gakuin University, Japan

Plenary Session 2: Politics and Economics of the TPP and Other Free Trade Agreements
Guest Speakers:
"The Future of Free Trade Agreements: A Singapore Perspective
" [DL]
XiaoPing CHEN, Assistant Professor, Nanyang Technology University, Singapore
"Non-US TPP Agreement: Motivation and Implications for Vietnam" [DL]
Tien DAO Ngoc, Assistant Professor, Foreign Trade University, Vietnam

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Okinawa citizens, students and media correspondents are permitted to listen to the Plenary Sessions for free.

Opening Address [DL]: Takashi YANAGAWA, President of the JEPA
Welcome Address [DL]: Akira MAEDA, Chair of the International Committee

Tutelary Shisa (Lion), Shuri Castle, Okinawan dance

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Date: November 4(Sat.) - 5(Sun.), 2017
Place: Okinawa Jichikaikan Hall
116-37, Asahi-cho, Naha-city, Okinawa
Host: The University of Ryukyu, Okinawa, JAPAN


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President: Takashi YANAGAWA

The International Committee
Chair: Akira MAEDA
Vice Chair: Naotsugu HAYASHI

The Program Committee
Chair : Mitsuhiko SATAKE
Vice Chair : Shumpei YAOITA
Secretary General : Kazuhiko NAKAHIRA
Vice Secretary General : Toru NAGAHARA
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Vice Chair : Kazuyuki ISHIDA

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