The 18th International Conference
of the Japan Economic Policy Association

The Main Theme

" Global Economy after 2020:
Emerging Economies, Growth and Population "

Plenary Session 1: " Emerging Economies

"Trends in Environmental Protection Mainly by Wildlife Protection"
Special Guest Speaker: Hirofumi WATABE, Director of Tama Zoological Park, Japan

"Development of China's "New Economy" through Economic Growth Policy Driven by Innovation" [DL]
Guest Speaker: Yusaku NISHIMURA, Professor, University of International Business and Economics, China
"Vietnamise Economy after 2020"[DL]
Guest Speaker: Tran Tho DAT, Professor (Former President) of the National Economics University, Vietnam

Plenary Session 2: " Growth and Population in Emerging and Advanced Economies "
"Demographic Transition and Economic Miracles in China: Focus on the Demographic Dividend" [DL]
Guest Speaker: Xin YUAN, Professor, Nankai University, China
"Does a Relationship between Fertility and Labor Participation of Women Really Exist? : Perspectives from Time Series Analysis" [DL]
Guest Speaker: Hisakazu KATO, Professor, Meiji University, Japan

Special Lectures: " Financial Economy after 2020: Non-Traditional Monetary Policies and their Effects"
"Non-traditional Monetary Policies and their Effects on the Economy" [DL]
Guest Speaker: Yutaka HARADA, Member of the Policy Board, Bank of Japan, Japan
            Former Professor of Waseda University

"Non-traditional Monetary Policies and the Future of the Financial Industries" [DL]
Guest Speaker: Willem THORBECKE, Research Institute of Economy, Trade, and Industry, USA.
Former Associate Professor of George Mason Universiy

Chuo University, Winter View at Tama Campus, Mt.Takao in Fall

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Date: November 16(Sat.) - 17(Sun.), 2019
Place: Tama Campus, Chuo University
742-1, Higashi-Nakano, Hachioji-city, Tokyo, Japan
Host: Chuo University


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President: Taro OZAWA

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Vice Chair: Naotsugu HAYASHI

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